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Established since 2004

We specialise in waterproofing, Painting and repairs to all types of roofs. Namely:

Tile roofs
Concrete roofs
Metal roofs

We also specialise in repairs to balcony's where damp is visible or seeping through the balcony.

Specroofs will also offer painting of interior and exterior walls for domestic or offices.



We don't pursue every client that needs roof service. We choose clients that share in our values. ... It takes experience and a solid commitment to good service, excellent workmanship, and to serve our clients in a professional manner in the industry.

We deliver quality

Our products lives to the lifespan expectations.

On time

Our specialist ensure to be there at the time of your booking.

We have the experience

Since 2004 we have been building our company's knowledge base and skills and still growing everyday.

Clients come first

We try to withhold our reputation to exceed our clients expectations and deliver our best service possible.


Our Services

Metal Roofs

  • Replacement of damaged purlins or trusses.
  • Replacement of damaged roof sheeting (Galvanised or chromadek).
  • Fitment of new barge boards and fascia boards.
  • Waterproofing of Metal roofs with reinforced membrane.
  • Insulated torch on system (low pitch metal roofs).
  • Re Roofing ( Galvanised or chromadek).
  • Replacement of valley flashings.
  • Replacement of roof screws.
  • Painting of metal roofs.
Our Services

Tiled Roofs

  • Truss repairs (sagging roof).
  • Replacement of 38x38 branderings.
  • Replacement of undertile insulation.
  • Replacement of valley flashings.
  • Replacement of fascia boards and barge boards.
  • Ridging repairs and waterproofing.
  • Head and side wall flashings repairs.
  • Replacement of broken roof tiles.
  • Verge tiles.
Our Services

Flat Concrete Roofs

  • Maintenance on torch on systems.
  • New torch on installations (flat concrete surface) and parapet walls
  • Repairs to outlets.
  • Installation of additional outlets.
  • Torch-on waterproofing.
Our Services

Spray-On Roof Painting

  • Wash and prepare roof surface.
  • Apply tile sealer to roof.
  • Paint tile roof with UV resistance acrylic roof paint.
Our Services

Harvey Tile Roofs

  • Securement of Harvey tiles.
  • Replacement of Harvey tiles.
  • Repairs of Harvey tile roofs.
  • Painting of Harvey Tile roofs.
Our Services


  • Removal of damaged skylights.
  • Waterproofing of all types of skylights.
Our Services

Ceiling Boards

  • New ceiling installation (standard or plastered).
  • Repairs to all types of ceilings.
  • Installation and repairs to all types of cornices.
  • Painting of ceilings.

PVC Ceilings

  • Fitment of new pvc ceilings.
Our Services


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